A New Way To Take Action With AmericanHort – Introducing The Grassroots Action Center

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No doubt you’ve seen the emails asking for your assistance encouraging a Member of Congress to take a stand on a piece of legislation or explaining the importance of an issue. Far from just another mass email, your action is the special sauce that makes our advocacy successful in Washington. In other words, we need your help.

With Congress debating agricultural and seasonal labor reform; and federal agencies considering updates to transportation, apprenticeship, and pesticide regulations; these connections are more important now than ever.

We also know your time is valuable, and we want the process to be as quick and effective for you as possible. Over the past few months, we have been updating our software to make your federal outreach more successful all while saving you time. Here is a quick preview of some of the improvements:

Easily Comment on Regulations. Agencies change policies and procedures for business every day without Congressional involvement. We’ve made it just as easy for you to comment on these proposed changes to federal regulations!
One-click emails. No need to navigate multiple screens! Just enter your information, customize your communication, and hit send!
Easier phone calls. No more looking up numbers or using the Capitol Switchboard, calls will now be automatically patched directly through to the office.

See the new system in action today: AmericanHort.org/take-action

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