Act Now To Support Horticulture’s Inclusion In USDA Coronavirus Relief

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We mentioned in the last edition that USDA’s new Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) didn’t yet extend relief funds to several agricultural sectors, horticulture included. To gather the information necessary to decide whether and how to tailor the program to additional sectors and offer this badly-needed assistance, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency has requested public comments on:

  1. The Coronavirus’ impact on plant prices during the period of January 15 through April 15, 2020; and
  2. The value of plant inventory which was sold or ready for sale but not shipped by April 15, 2020 (due to cancelled orders and market losses) and will not be sold.

AmericanHort has created a simple one-page comment form that will submit your answers directly to the public record. We include guidance on how you should structure comments. You can access the form hereComments are due by or before June 22!

While many action alerts can be pre-populated, here you must provide your own comments, specific to your own nursery/greenhouse. As a reminder, all comments submitted to the Federal Government in the rulemaking process are included in the public record and are accessible to all. For this reason, AmericanHort advises members not to provide confidential business information in any regulatory submissions.

In addition to encouraging industry comments, AmericanHort has a dialogue established with USDA officials to help them understand how our industry was affected, and how access to relief for lost nursery and floriculture crops might best be structured.

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