Americanhort Files Official Comments On Trucking Agricultural Commodity Definition

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AmericanHort has filed extensive comments on the “agricultural commodity” definition in use by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The comment period ended September 27, advancing by one step a potential regulatory change that is much needed as the current FMCSA definition of what is an “agricultural commodity” remains a cause of major confusion.

Included in these comments were a white paper on the ‘Impacts of Postharvest Shipping Environments on Plant Quality’ authored by AmericanHort science and research programs director Jill Calabro, Ph.D., as well as letters from horticulture scientists at Michigan State, North Carolina State, and the University of Georgia attesting to the perishable nature of horticulture products.

Along with our official comments, AmericanHort members and grassroots partner associations made their voices heard and submitted over 75 public comments through new our advocacy platform, which allows grassroots action on regulatory matters. With little legislation moving in the current political environment, but much happening in the agencies, this capacity is critical to our advocacy effectiveness.

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