Full Court Press To Address H-2B Cap Crisis

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AmericanHort continues to take a two-prong approach to H-2B reform – to encourage the Department of Homeland Security to immediately release all of the nearly 65,000 additional visas authorized by the December 2019 spending law, and to encourage Congress to pass H-2B reform legislation that permanently addresses the inadequate H-2B cap.

Over a quarter of Senate and House members recently sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking that DHS immediately make available all of the additional visas authorized under the law. We have also been meeting with our House and Senate issue champions, and the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, to discuss a permanent solution.

As we have met with H-2B user members during the various winter association meetings, we have heard from companies that have been assigned in each of the various groups, A through E, for H-2B processing purposes. Stated plainly, those in Group A are virtually assured getting workers under the 33,000 statutory cap. If Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf releases an additional 30,000 visas, as was done last year, Group B and a good portion of Group C will get workers. Release of all the authorized visas will address most, but not all, of the seasonal employment needs as reflected in applications to the Department of Labor for temporary labor certification.

We will keep you updated on our advocacy efforts.

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