Greenhouse Crop Insurance Study Begins to Take Shape

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A major win in the 2018 Farm Bill for the industry is beginning to take shape. A feasibility study for federal greenhouse crop insurance, led by economic consulting firm Watts & Associates, is in the initial stages and AmericanHort is contributing to its development.

The study will look at crafting an insurance policy based on the risk of regulated plant pests, contamination, weather-related loss, as well as taking into account best practices to minimize loss. Under the jurisdiction of the Risk Management Agency at USDA, the feasibility study is likely to be finished sometime during late summer.

Watts & Associates will conduct four listening sessions with greenhouse growers beginning in early summer, and Watts staff are likely to interact with growers at Cultivate’20 in July. Other sessions will be strategically located throughout the country. AmericanHort has been coordinating with Watts to identify greenhouse growers across the country to provide strategic input.

AmericanHort pushed hard for this provision during the 2018 Farm Bill cycle. Through grassroots advocacy and leadership on the issue in Washington, it became a reality. We will continue to provide updates as the study advances.

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