HRI Expands Boxwood Health Resources, Releases Landscape Management Guide

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Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the AmericanHort foundation, has created Best Management Practices for Boxwood Health in the Landscape, a set of practices aimed at dealing with boxwood blight in the landscape.

The new BMPs feature new findings from ongoing boxwood blight research and are meant to provide guidance to landscape managers regarding practices and their risk of boxwood blight. The voluntary BMPs address practices to help train personnel, the importance of scouting, reducing the risk of introduction to a property, preventing the spread of a confirmed infected area, replanting, and sanitation.

The recommendations were developed by an HRI working group consisting of National Plant Board representatives and landscape managers. The BMPs also have been endorsed by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

BMPs for nursery production were updated as well to reflect more recent findings by the research community. Of note, 70% alcohol has been confirmed to kill conidia, a type of spore, within seconds. This is a critically important and cost-effective tool to incorporate into sanitation practices such as cleaning pruning tools between blocks and/or properties.

HRI’s website hosts additional boxwood resources, including downloadable presentations from our recent boxwood health workshop.

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