HRI, OAN, and AmericanHort Partner to Present Boxwood Health Workshop

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With the establishment of the Boxwood Initiative, HRI has become a leading source of information regarding boxwood pests and diseases. Now, for the first time, HRI is bringing the information to a live event. Along with our partner, the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN), HRI has created a one-day workshop focusing on Boxwood Health on February 4, 2020.

Over a quarter of all boxwood (the #1 broadleaf evergreen shrub!) production in the U.S. occurs in either Oregon, California, or Washington. A handful of pests challenge boxwood production and landscape management, but boxwood blight has emerged as a significant threat. This disease is even more troublesome in the PNW since symptoms appear to be more subtle as compared with other regions.

HRI, OAN, and AmericanHort are bringing experts to the Willamette Valley for a one-day workshop to talk about boxwood health. Specific topics include:

  • the latest updates on cultivar testing and control strategies of boxwood blight,
  • insights from a major boxwood producer in the heart of boxwood blight country on how to start clean and stay clean,
  • an overview of nursery production surveys for boxwood blight in Oregon, and
  • an update on APHIS efforts to prevent introduction of box tree moth to the US.

Representatives from Oregon Department of Agriculture will also be on hand to discuss the Oregon boxwood cleanliness program. Registration is just $50, thanks to the generosity of our event sponsors. Learn more and register today.

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