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The AmericanHort advocacy community answered the call to get involved on two critical issues this past week—both met with success.

First, we posted an alert encouraging Representatives to join a letter asking that this year’s spending bills include language clarifying that horticultural crops are properly included in the Department of Transportation’s definition of ‘agricultural commodities’. The turnaround for this action was quick, with just a couple days to take action and over 230 individuals contacted their lawmakers in support. The final letter was sent this week with 33 signatories, including bipartisan support from 26 Republicans and 7 Democrats.

With a slightly longer turnaround, we alerted our advocates about the upcoming H-2B visa announcement and encouraged them to let Congress know the importance of releasing as many H-2B visas as possible. In just one week’s time, over 400 members sent near 1,100 messages to their elected members, encouraging them to support real action to alleviate the strain of the limited pool of H-2B visas. Even with the Administration’s announcement of 35,000 additional visas for this fiscal year, we’ll continue to push for real reform with dedicate advocates like you leading the charge.

Thank you to everyone who took part in these efforts and we encourage you to stay tuned for further action alerts that help us move the needle on critical federal legislation.

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