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Seed Your Future has just launched its new career exploration resource.

The new website is not simply a list of the more than 90 careers in horticulture, it asks visitors to consider their interests and then lists careers in horticulture to match them. Each career page includes information on the education requirements, links to where to study, information on salaries, links to professional organizations supporting that career, and engaging videos of people in those careers. Meant to provide introductory information to each career across the art, science, technology and business of horticulture, the new resource will continue to grow as more careers are featured, and more videos selected to help visitors understand all of the diverse options in our industry. 

Seed Your Future was organized in 2013 with the mission to promote horticulture and inspire people to pursue careers working with plants. Research has been, in part, supported directly by the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the foundation of AmericanHort. HRI and AmericanHort support Seed Your Future’s goals of:

  • Creating a favorable perception of horticulture and increase awareness of careers working with plants among youth and youth influencers.
  • Engaging and exciting youth about horticulture and careers working with plants.
  • Increasing the skilled workforce in horticulture and develop a strong pipeline of future talent.
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