Social Security Administration Resumes “No-Match” Letters

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The Social Security Administration (SSA), beginning in April 2019, has resumed sending “Employer Correction Request” letters, also known as “no-match letters,” to every employer that has at least one Social Security no-match, meaning that names or Social Security numbers (SSNs) listed on an employer’s Form W-2 do not match SSA’s records.

The letters now being received by employers are somewhat different than the versions sent during the Bush administration, and later discontinued during the Obama administration.  Notably, they do not include actual employee names or numbers.  Instead, they suggest that an employer can create a login and check SSNs via the Business Services Online (“BSO”) web portal to get specific employee names. However, we believe an employer is not legally obligated to do so. 

To help our members understand their obligations and avoid pitfalls, AmericanHort has posted updated compliance guidance. Also, AmericanHort premium members with compliance questions may contact our labor and employment law counsel at CJ-Lake, LLC, as a membership benefit. If you have questions about contacting our legal team at CJ-Lake, call AmericanHort headquarters at 614-487-1117.

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