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The Horticultural Research Institute has created a new web-based series featuring key research findings that help environmental horticulture businesses grow. The series is called tHRIve and aims to do just that: help the industry flourish. These web-based offerings cover research that is directly funded by HRI as well as federally funded research. New content will be added throughout the year and may be viewed for free at

In announcing the new tHRIVe web series, HRI President Gary Knosher said, “HRI was created to improve the horticultural community through research that addresses critical issues and new innovations. HRI trustees recognize that research is critical to help our industry succeed and grow, and sharing new findings is part of that equation. I’m excited to be part of this focus of using videos not only to share new research but also to engage our community in another way.”

HRI supports research and outreach efforts that prepare the horticultural industry for challenges and opportunities for business success. Connecting the industry to the research is a key component in that endeavor. Starting today, new tHRIvesessions will be posted throughout the year, with all content available online for free at any time at The tHRIve sessions will offer everything from bite-sized research clips to researcher interviews to short webinars to live Q&A with researchers.

The inaugural on-demand series featuring the “Resilient Plant Group” is now available. Watch one or watch them all and join HRI for a LIVE webinar on June 4th at 11:30 am Eastern for Q&A direct with the researchers.

  • Dr. Charlie Hall, Texas A&M
  • Dr. John Erwin, University of Maryland
  • Dr. Jim Faust, Clemson University
  • Dr. Paul Fisher and Dr. Celina Gomez, University of Florida
  • Dr. Erik Runkle and Dr. Roberto Lopez, Michigan State University

The Horticultural Research Institute’s mission is to direct, fund, promote, and communicate horticultural research. The creation and launch of the tHRIve web series is another example of how HRI works to connect the industry to research-backed innovation.

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