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Business owners know that key to long-term business preparedness is certainty and a legal framework that can be understood and planned for. Increasingly, business owners across America with a passion for horticulture are facing legislative and regulatory uncertainty as state and federal governments and agencies reevaluate and revamp that existing framework.  Policy conversations can move quickly, and in a matter of months new legislation can be swept through Congress and signed into law.

This is where AmericanHort provides members with a unique and valuable benefit— we serve as their personal connection to federal legislators and keep them in-the-know on the latest policy developments from our nation’s capital.

Our team in Washington tracks and assesses proposals on industry priorities across myriad issues affecting the green sector.  We know the success of our industry is dependent on the many different businesses that make up our segment, so we seek policies that advance the horticulture industry as a whole.  Stitched throughout the industry run several common threads—policy areas where real action can make a bottom-line difference for our members nationwide.  Among these are:

  • Developing and maintaining a stable, reliable labor pool,
  • laws and regulations that support business practices and compliance,
  • sustainable access to critical inputs like water, nutrients, and crop protection tools, and
  • support for ongoing innovation and research to resolve sector-wide challenges

Fortunately for us, many of these areas are places where Congress has a desire to take action today!

But our team isn’t alone in this effort.  Hundreds of grassroots activists assist us every year.  In fact, our advocacy focuses on fostering a conversation between our industry and lawmakers, building and strengthening the connections that empower Congress to meet the needs of its constituents.  Since even well-intentioned legislation has unintended side effects, the more informed decision-makers are about the day-to-day operations of our industry, the better their proposals can provide real, on-the-ground results.

We make sure that it’s green sector businesses across our country that identify problems to be solved and answer questions about upcoming legislation.  That’s where our membership makes the most difference. It’s also the part our members find most enjoyable and rewarding, since these connections can play an important role in guiding current and future discussions—ensuring that our members have a seat at the table today and tomorrow.

With our help, green industry business owners and leaders across the United States develop relationships with their elected leaders and their staffs, becoming a valuable resource and providing key insight into the potential benefits and pitfalls of pending legislation.  They also engage with policymakers in the administration’s regulatory process, detailing how proposed rules will affect the green industry and their businesses’.

Industry and regulations can change quickly.  But with AmericanHort’s advocacy work, and the dedication of our members, we’re ensuring the conversation around what happens next includes the voices of small businesses across our country.  To learn more and get involved, visit http://americanhort.org/advocacy

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