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AmericanHort announces the newest member affinity partner, Plant Sentry™, an online comprehensive plant compliance tool. Plant Sentry was built using feedback from green industry leaders, including advocacy partners such as AmericanHort, along with federal and state regulatory officials.

As the shipment of live plants across state lines continues to increase, keeping track of all the federal and state regulations and restrictions can be a time-consuming task. There are numerous opportunities to make mistakes when trying to manage live plant regulations across the entire United States. This is especially true for employees who are wearing several different hats.

“When shipping live plants, the United States is not a single nation—it’s a collection of 50 independent states,” said Jeff Dinslage, CEO of Plant Sentry. “Each state has its own set of rules and regulations that prevent diseased plants, pest-infested plants and invasive plants from being shipped into each respective state. In addition, there are federally quarantined pests that are governed by specific federal regulations that manage interstate movement.”

Due to frequent revisions to regulations, the challenge to ship only approved and compliant plants becomes even more difficult. The green industry has sustained substantial loss due to destroyed nursery crops, significant fines and negative impact on company reputation.

Saving staff time, gaining access to new markets and protecting company reputation are “hot button” issues for wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce companies. The challenge is to remain in compliance on regulated plant materials. Plant Sentry provides a consolidated tool that alerts you to possible regulatory issues.

Utilizing consolidated support from Plant Sentry™ makes it easy to comply with stringent growing, inspection and audit requirements. The system helps wholesale, retail and e-commerce vendors grow and ship only plants that are fully compliant with all federal regulations and restrictions and those of all 50 states.

Plant Sentry speeds decision making, opens new markets and boosts customer confidence with verification seals that provide proof that plants meet quality standards for a pest-and-disease-free environment.

Plant Sentry works hand in hand to extend the benefits of audit-based programs, like the Systems Approach for Nursery Certification (SANC). SANC was driven by a consortium of green industry players and served as an integral part in the development of Plant Sentry. The Plant Sentry system extends coverage into regulatory compliance.

AmericanHort members will be eligible for cost savings in using the Plant Sentry program. Savings will vary based on each business’ needs.

To learn more about the benefits of using the Plant Sentry service, click here (PDF, 3.92MB).

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