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A number of new, online outreach materials to help our industry are available, making it easier than ever to learn something new every day.

UFL Online Greenhouse Training

University of Florida Extension launched a new YouTube channel featuring short videos to aid greenhouse producers. Topics are based on research projects at the University of Florida and their online training program. One example includes petiole sap testing. The videos are free and available in English and Spanish.

MSU Extension Online Greenhouse Courses

Michigan State University announced a series of four self-paced summer sessions online to help greenhouse production. Topics include abiotic disorders, lighting, biological control, and root zone management. All except the one on abiotic disorders are available in English and Spanish. These are part of MSU’s College of Knowledge Courses, and online registration is required.

Crapemyrtle Bark Scale Webinars

Crapemyrtle bark scale has now been confirmed in all Southeastern states except Florida and as far north as Kansas and Washington state. A collaboration of researchers has been studying crapemyrtle bark scale for years and will offer a free, four-part webinar series on management strategies. The webinars will be held monthly, starting in May. Specifics include:

All webinars start at noon Eastern time and require registration.

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