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A collaboration of researchers, led by Dr. Karla Adesso at Tennessee State University, needs your insight into flatheaded borer impacts to production. To that end, they created a survey aimed at estimating the incidence and severity of flatheaded borers in fruit, nut, and ornamental tree and shrub production. Ideally, researchers are hoping to pinpoint gaps in management options to help steer future research endeavors.

The survey takes about 15 minutes of your time and can be completed online. All submitted information will be anonymous and will not be connected to participants.

Flatheaded appletree borers represent a group of beetles capable of girdling trees and causing widespread damage. Disfigured trunks and tree death are common, as their larvae destroy phloem and cambium. Damage is most common in the lower 18 inches of the trunk and is often confused with abiotic problems. Host plants include maple, crabapple, dogwood, oak, sycamore, and many others. Many knowledge gaps exist in the basic biology and management of this pest. This survey stands as the first effort of this research group in working to unravel the mysteries.

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